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In 1986, the Vic Braden Tennis College in St. George, Utah began at Green Valley Spa & Resort.   We have held camps in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, California, and Hawaii.  In 2004, Court Think Tennis was formed and continued with Dave, the Utah Staff and the same great information and program content.  In 2017, we changed the name to Dave Nostrant Tennis and opened new camps in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the Zephyr Cove Tennis Club and in St. George, Utah at the Bloomington Country Club. 

When you're at our camps, you have free access to:

  • Outdoor courts

  • Ball machines

  • Baskets of balls

  • Match service

  • Swimming, hiking, Biking, fishing, rafting, boating, golf, and a casino  at Zephyr Cove

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